New World Order? UN Plan Sparks New Concerns of Global Power Structure

New World Order? UN Plan Sparks New Concerns of Global Power Structure

By CBN News

“It will mean the establishment of a worldwide totalitarian biotech state,” said Women’s Rights Without Frontiers President Reggie Littlejohn. From health, vaccines, medicines, commerce, and trade, proposed post-covid pandemic revisions to World Health Organization regulations would give the WHO more authority over medical care and commerce during health emergencies. Littlejohn provides the details.

Here’s what others had to say:

John Smith
WHO and UN will be vital into the implementation of the AntiChrist system.

Greg Sheffer
I would prefer that my country, Canada, walk away from these organizations immediately and stop funding this nonsense.

Darth Logicus
Yeah, so I’m going to resist this at any cost. I hope everyone else chooses the same.
The more people who comply, the worse it will get.

Skybertine J
WHO and the UN needs to be closed down and all the employees put in jail together.

Robert Summerfield
Cash and credit cards will be considered contagions, and people will be forced to take the mark in order to buy and sell.
Don’t worry, everything is falling in place as it is supposed to.
Good luck and may God be with you all.

Sushma Grace
Scary how many conspiracy theories are turning out to be true.

Standing with Jesus, no matter what the world does.
I rather die with Jesus, then follow the ways of man.

Love how youtube inserts the Wikipedia link asserting nwo as a “conspiracy theory” as the WEF, WHO etc are openly admiting their plans.

wade underhile
We cannot expect the government to make the right decision when they are morally bankrupt.

Jim Vautour
We now need country leaders to step up en masse publically, and state they will NOT participate in any way with these WEF or UN’s agendas. If they do not step forward soon, force their hand. PEOPLE, you are in charge of our public servants.

One Love Peace Movement
This has all been meticulously planned and its being executed in small phases over time. Are they laying the foundation for the next virus they plan on releasing?

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