Many deaths after vaccine started

Many deaths after vaccine started.

By Jamie McIntyre


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highlandhousebodyandbath (Jo-Anne)

I have friends in Singapore who have lost many family, relatives and friends since covid. Either pre vaccine and post vaccine.

wattsie_sbd (Ryan Watts)

They use a smiley face after asking her to confirm the ‘carnage’?

johnnychimpointernatiodale (Johnny Chimpo)

It would be good to see govts come out encouraging people to fix their diets up and do some exercise outdoors instead of lockdowns and junk food delivery jacked up on meds.

raqszann (Raquel Szann)

Indian friend at work said his parents aren’t seeing pandemic proportion deaths so far.

ihatedeadpeople1 (ihatedeadpeople)

All they show on MSM is fires, no bodies, bodies don’t disappear when put on pallet fires FFS.

quebrandoodiva (Quebrando o Divã)

Same in MI. One years living close to friends, everyone healthy, when they started to vaccinate, all of a sudden, everyone started to be sick.

joaniebenzo (Joanie Benzo)

Wake up people!

fozz_ie (Simon foster)

This will be happening on a Global scale.

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