Katie Hopkins Reveals Who Controls The World

Katie Hopkins Reveals Who Controls The World

By Rob Moore

The world is on the edge of a revolution. Wealth, power & information are being disrupted.
Mainstream media is dying. Your freedom is being challenged. Your money is being debased.

The unrest is palpable. #Disruptors & Rob Moore asks the questions others dare not to ask. Disruptive & diverse guests speak out on topical world issues & their areas of success & influence.

Having evolved from the Disruptive Entrepreneur, the focus started with entrepreneurs, billionaires; business & money related interviews & solo Rob’s Rants. As there world has changed, Disruptors has evolved to diverse, global movers, shakers & change makers who stand out & speak up.

Unscripted. Unedited. Unfiltered.

Education, inspiration & a fight for freedom.
If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything.

Here’s what others had to say:

Margaret Greenwood
You are totally right Katie. I’m 80 and have been politically aware as long as I can remember and was politically active during the 60/70s and have seen what you describe developing. Bless you and strength to you. Not everyone will appreciate your courage and the strength and what it takes to fight for freedom Above all, your freedom of spirit.

Porch Critic
Katie is the real deal. She’s weathered the storms but refines her message. She’s a firebrand and it’s genuine. Thanks Katie!

Billy Clinton
Never followed any of COVID rules and never will,screw the government.

Caravaggio’s accomplice
Katie will be remembered as a one of the most important freedom fighters and truth tellers in 21st century popular media. I love this woman.

I agree 100% with everything Katie says. I didn’t comply with any of the nonsense and happy to say neither did many of my family and friends. Lockdown showed the true colours of people. It didn’t change people only brought out their real characteristics.

Light Worker
There are people on my street I have only said hello to for 45 years. House arrest showed us the wonderful strong people, we are all good friends now, we all think the same. We never stood there like goons clapping for nurses that spent time making videos laughing and dancing. They played their part brilliantly.

Antony Giggs
Katie is wide awake she is spot on she is very brave to say the things she does and she is a world treasure. Stay safe Katie them elite at the top of the world pyramid don’t want people like brave Katie out there trying her best to wake up to what is going on.

Vik Marisco
The fact that I basically came up with the same thought on my own. Tells me this is probably true. A universal truth.

Colleen Moore
It was so noticeable that the response to the lockdown was the same no matter where you went. The signage was so similar and deployed immediately giving the impression it was planned ahead of time. It seemed coordinated that every store had the exact same signage, installation of plexiglass and rules. It was the elephant in the room that no one talked about.

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