Jordan Peterson Proposes Alternative To World Economic Forum; Will He Be The New Klaus Schwab?

Jordan Peterson Proposes Alternative To World Economic Forum; Will He Be The New Klaus Schwab?

By ER Velasco

Dr. Jordan Peterson announced recently that he will be launching an alternative platform to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

“We’re trying to put together something like an alternative vision of the future – say an alternative to that kind of apocalyptic narrative that’s being put forward, at least implicitly, by organizations like the WEF,” Peterson said.

The worldwide group, according to Peterson, will be based in London, with the first meeting scheduled for the fall. He didn’t say anything about the group’s name or who will be involved.

Peterson went on to say that the consortium will be founded on questions rather than solutions, one of which would be bringing the most energy and resources to the most people at the lowest possible cost.

“You don’t get to save the planet by making energy prices so expensive that no one poor can afford them. That’s off the table,” he said. “You don’t get to impose your utopian vision in the service of your narcissism on the poor.”

Another dilemma is how to prioritize human well-being “in harmony with nature,” with the caveat that it should not be “predicated on the idea that there are too many goddamn mouths to feed and that you’re evil if you just think about having children.”

Other issues the consortium hopes to address, he says, are “how do we arrange systems of governance” without a top-down approach like the WEF and how to promote long-term monogamous child-centred families.

“Some spirit is going to guide you – that’s life. The question is, what is the highest spirit that could guide you?” Peterson said.

The psychologist’s proposal garnered mixed reactions from online observers, with some noting that another global organization is not a solution to the prevalence of such influential groups.

The World Economic Forum is a non-governmental multinational organization headquartered in Cologny, canton of Geneva, Switzerland. Klaus Schwab, a German engineer and economist, created it on January 24, 1971.

The forum is most known for its annual conference at the end of January in Davos, a mountain resort in Switzerland’s eastern Alps region. For up to five days, the gathering brings together 3,000 paying members and selected participants, including investors, business leaders, political leaders, economists, celebrities, and journalists, to address global issues in 500 sessions.

The annual summit has long been a contention for how much participating countries spend in sending their delegates to Davos. Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and International Trade Minister Mary Ng have participated in discussion panels in the recently concluded summit cycle.

College of Psychologists of Ontario feud

Peterson also discussed his current situation with the judicial review application he filed with the Ontario Divisional Court after the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) ordered him to undergo a “coaching program” of remedial education based on his alleged behavior on social media and public forums.

“Part of the reason I’m pursuing this action with the Ontario College of Psychologists… one is, leave me the hell alone guys. You’ve been on my case non-stop for 7 years, not once before that in my 20 years of practice,” Peterson said.

He also relayed that there are 13 lawsuits levied on him, “all of them are for political opinions and half of them are being put forth on false grounds.”

“The reason I’m engaging in the battle… you want me to do social media retraining so I communicate better according to your experts? Experts by what criteria exactly?” Peterson questioned. “How do you know that if you have that social media expert train me that I’m gonna be a better therapist? There’s no body of data that suggest that in the least.”

He added that he haven’t been in front of the disciplinary board of the college and yet he was already “convicted” of disgracing the profession and sentenced for an indefinite period of retraining.

“They’re interfering with my freedom of conscience and speech,” the psychologist argued, adding that he’s launching the battle for the benefit of other professions who may be facing the same situation from their respective organizations.

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