It’s Time To Remove This Psycho

It’s Time To Remove This Psycho

Instagram Post By Jamie McIntyre

It’s time to remove this psycho

Dan Andrew’s loses the plot , lying that the quackzinne’s are safe, and mandating in Victoria everyone must have one to work – Is it time to do what’s necessary Victorians, before he mandates the murder of millions of innocent victorians – the quackzinne’s have a side effect of death – mmm that’s pretty unsafe – and don’t stop Bs 19 nor is Bs 29 a concern

Dan goes or half or Victoria will be dead or sick within 36 months from these lethal injections( 6 planned and most won’t make it past 3 injections and be standing- $1 million challenge to anyone who thinks this isn’t the case.

And the state won’t be opening up – as the more injected , the more viral loads injected (250% increase) and 1300% increase chance of death – almost all in hospital are the injected – they are dying of the injection – not from a flu

Here’s what others had to say:

Can’t even listen to his voice 🤢🤢🤢🤮

How is he STILL in that position? Seriously?

It absolutely hurts to listen…

Doesn’t matter who the premier is of any state… they are puppets who are following orders.

I refuse to listen to him🤢

Rabid dog off a leash

😮just wow 😳 no words

Dan’s filling his pockets with big pharmaceutical money like Gladys, snake oil salesman

Dictator Dan! 🤬

Bet this grub hasn’t been jabbed

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