Is it only a matter of time before the masses erupt Globally?

By Jamie McIntyre

Is it only a matter of time before the masses erupt Globally ? If so choose your side carefully. On the side of team humanity, or the Globalist socialist billionaires coup. If too many remain silent, hiding away from reality, and don’t stand up now, we will be at war before you know it. We outnumber our enemy on a grand scale so as things get ugly remember that. They are a few weak de masculinated men like Bill Gates and his puppet masters. They need to be taught a lesson  Is his time coming?

The world is not ok, and isn’t going back to normal. You have been and are being lied to on a grand scale. Learn from history or perish. If people can’t be let to protest peacefully and aren’t listened to then the Govt causes violence by their violent roll-out of a BS 19 vaxx and the removal of our human rights under the Trojan horse of BS 19. What is going to happen next is very predictable- you should start planning now for Plan B. Living in denial or the past will make you a lamb to slaughter. The world as we know it is no more. The New World Order is upon us. And as far as they are concerned you have zero rights. Bend over and take it or get a spine and start planning strategy. for what will happen. To stay in deadly denial tune into the enemy on mainstream media.



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1. jims6696 (Jims)

2. healthprofectionist (DIDI STAGGARD)
Thanks again Jamie, You are 💯 on the money, we have to grow our food, it’s imperative, fill your house up with lots of protein powders, spare water, and sea salt, the end of the day, we can’t eat money, shelves are slowly emptying, smart people will survive 😂with health Thankyoujamie💙

3. janeyh1965 (Jane Taylor)
If this is a spiritual war with good and evil than fighting or physical violence is not coming from a place of love? Evil is hate so it stands to reason Good is love, so what do you suggest for plan B Jamie? 🙌🤔

4. wenchebele (Wenche Brit Svendsmark Bele)
Jamie do you believe in this? I live in a small country, Norway, here it is peaceful and quiet. Even now that everything is shut down due to Covid-19. Norway was too late to close borders / airports so many brought Covid-19 from “red” countries.

5. nicole_latham (Followed by lozjames)
Your caption to this is everything. We’re in world war 3 already and people are so blind to fact it’s in plain sight 🤦‍♀️this video is a snippet to what’s to come world wide 😮❤️❤️❤️

6. ladymirra (Miranda Barnes)
Never a truer word said than each one typed above Jamie. Denial is where the fear brain washed many sit in their dazed msm stupor. We must all rise as the rope is getting tighter and our freedom even more so.

7. sydneychicblog (Sydney Chic)
It amazes me how many people can’t see what’s going on, it’s pitiful!

8. lynette.compton.77 (Lynette Compton)
Passiveness hasnt been working. No one wants war, however we are at war and the massess don’t even realise it. Therefore, we have to fight back and stand up for our freedom, or we will be lambs to the slaughter. People have to realise this, that this is a new war a war where the globalist intend to win so people we must beat them at their own game. And yes we must be prepared to go to war and not sit on the fence and think it will be ok. 🔥

9. shazzle65 (Shaz Crowe)
Absolutely correct, I have been fearing world civil war, I know it’s coming 🙏🏻🌍

10. lillith71 (Lillith)
This was in Athens Greece last week after a brutal beating by the police thugs on unarmed people. We have to organize and band together. No more divisions. This is beyond race, religion, color, gender or nationality. It’s freedom vs slavery.

11. wayneddonnelly (Wayne Donnelly)
The denial and cognitive dissonance around us is on such a huge scale. When sharing what I know it’s like speaking into an abyss. Just doesn’t get through. Even asking questions to raise awareness /redirect focus is challenging.

12. anthony333.owen (Anthony Owen)
Stock up on food and water supplies yes or no?

13. debdeb1909 (Deb Mcandrew)
Well said, I’ve been saying the same thing for months. I stand with humanity! We must all be prepared to fight for our freedoms!

14. monalisa__1989 (Mona Lisa)
Globalism will eat humanity alive if it doesn’t stand up against it NOW.

15. rachelmad87 Rachel A.)
We outnumber them now but many of those that should be on our side are getting these experimental RNA/DNA vaccines so many of them will not make it next winter season as their immune system is now permanently destroyed.

16. kayelefleur (Kaye Le Fleur)
Police brutality is war on humanity. The so-called vaccine is war on humanity, the whole agenda 21 and 39 and 50 is war on humanity. A gend a is war on humanity. Not all wars look the same but are the same.

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