I’m Increasing My $1 Million Challenge to $5 Million That COVID Is a Fraud

I’m Increasing My $1 Million Challenge to $5 Million That COVID Is a Fraud

By Australian National Review

Do not under any circumstances take the deadly experimental drug disguised as a vaccine.

The fraud will be exposed sooner then many realise, and those poor souls that took the vaccine, many who will die, or worse be injured for life or have to be put in lifelong quarantine to protect the rest of us.

The proof Covid is a fraud exists.

Jail the Covid fraudsters now and end this farce.

And those who have pushed it or supported it-

Your day of reckoning is coming faster than you can imagine

There will be no place left on this planet you can hide for one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever to occur.

Here’s what others had to say:

Tracey Toye
Love your work, Jamie. I stand with you.
We’re starting to see the cracks. 9News is reporting that 1 in 10 Aussies won’t get the “J A B” we can be certain that number is substantially underestimated. Also same news channel has announced an Inquiry into the NSW Lockdown.

David J Cryer
This should be quite easy considering the whole world is effected by this, and all the “trust the science” quotes being spewed out .
Great work Jamie your a freedom soldier.

Julie Angelina
Vax will backfire and ‘ringleaders’ will fall on their own sword – that I know – always have, since the moment a vax was announced last year.

Sally Smith
Jamie! If we get through this? All of us who you have guided and helped us will be forever grateful to you!! You are our hero!! Our ROCK throughout this!! I hope god gives u all u deserve and I pray he has us all in his hands to protect all humanity from this nightmare that has been put upon us!! We love you Jamie!!!

Victoria Jennings
Jamie I pray this will happen soon before kids get jabbed.

Dems Ma
Jamie I hope you’re right. I really do. The testing lemmings are doing my head in. Why test if you’ve zero symptoms. Are they bored???

Lilly Sanders
I’m still waiting to get my donuts, sausage and $300.

Shannon Blanch
That’s fucking epic mate. Maybe that will spread as quick as this fake bs covid and people realise it’s a load of.
My hat is off to you legend.

Karin Anne Knight
I got nothin… not one shred .. not a puff of anything to prove it is real !!!

Nig Mac
The $5 million would be nice but there more chance of finding hen’s teeth.

Kayla Bond
Where can we find real data on the numbers of vaccine deaths and injuries?

Dora Mirsodelis
Jamie Thankyou for your hard efforts in waking the rest of Australians as well as the world in this fake pandemic.
Hat’s off to you with respect!

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