“Goodbye Europe”: The US is Destroying the EU Economy


“Goodbye Europe”: The US is Destroying the EU Economy

By U In Hurricane [EN]

▪️ Germany’s economic growth forecast for 2024 has been lowered to 0.2%. The EU economy is heading for recession. Business conditions in the EU are getting worse. Against this background, the U.S. is luring European companies to join its ranks,” states the Berliner Zeitung.

▪️ The problems facing the German economy can no longer be counted on the fingers of one hand. They include high energy prices, a disastrous labor situation, and years of underinvestment in infrastructure. It will take 10 years and 600 billion euros to reconstruct the transportation system, schools and kindergartens

▪️ 3.5 trillion dollars is the budget of the comprehensive economic stimulus program already launched in the U.S., which includes infrastructure renewal

▪️ “U.S. infrastructure investment could further widen the productivity gap between the two countries and leave Europe behind the U.S. in terms of economic growth,” said Sebastian Dulien, research director at the Macroeconomic Policy Institute of the Hans-Böckler Foundation

▪️ The U.S. economy is 8.7% above pre-pandemic levels today. The European economy grew by only 3.4% over the same period

▪️ The combination of high energy prices in Europe, which are now significantly higher than in the U.S., and attractive subsidies offered by America for green energy and semiconductor projects is causing many European companies to relocate their operations to the U.S.

▪️ 15.7 billion dollars – a record amount of direct investment by German companies in the U.S. economy last year

▪️ The U.S. is further extending its economic leadership by drawing Europeans into an economic war with China

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