Dr. Ardis: The Medical Industry Is Responsible for ‘Cov 19’ Deaths, Not Virus

Dr. Ardis: The Medical Industry Is Responsible for ‘Cov 19’ Deaths, Not Virus

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

The longer the Bs 19 fraud goes on.
The more we discover, just how few actually died of it (as I’ve been highlighting that Covid struggles to kill even your granny, they murdered in aged care homes).

Yet the deaths from the rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a vazzine are skyrocketing past 1 million and soon 100 million injuries.

Think by Xmas how bad this will be?

I’ve warned people to stop believing the dodgy conspiracy theories pushed by Mainstream media, that we ever had a pandemic in the first place.
If you take the death shot then don’t complain when you end up “Dead“.

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AJ Roberts
Top man he’s coming on the show next week

John Harris
Now they are forcing masks onto toddlers in the US, this means the same will be done here soon, Andrew’s health advice’ is saying that masks will have to remain as a permanent way of life and that, ‘it’s a small inconvenience’ I have a Doctor’s letter because I have asthma and can’t breath and it triggers a coughing fit, I told people who I know, just fake a letter, no shop owner will phone up your Doctor and ask them, it is illegal for your Doctor to tell strangers on the phone your medical history even Police.

Paula Leslie
Great interview!!

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