Did Many Die at the Travis Scott Concert From Lethal Vaxxine Injections To Be Able To Attend?

Did Many Die at the Travis Scott Concert From Lethal Vaxxine Injections To Be Able To Attend?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Expect to see a lot more concert goers collapse from heart attacks, such as at the Travis Scott concert, as they are often given free concert tickets if they get jabbed, and most concerts allow only double jabbed in as well, so large numbers will see many drop-dead.

And expect more blatant attempts to normalise young people having heart attacks, just like they covered up autism is the new normal, for decades after jabbing kids so much, or BS stories such as people being spiked at clubs or concerts by injections in the neck (when it’s injections from the vaccines that’s causing deaths as we know).

The amount of people already dying from the vaccines and don’t even know it is frightening.
The next 12-36 months will set new records of deaths in human history.
That’s why they plan to invent the next fake pandemic called the Marburg Virus, and forcibly vaccinate which will kill even faster than the mild Covid lethal injections, and cover up their fraud by blaming it on Marburg virus and anti vaxxers.

So we must expose the fraudsters before then or face the loss of many loved ones.
No pressure.


Here’s what others had to say:

Ann Patricia Klue
Police are lying, I shared some more vid footage on this. It was horrible how they kept dropping and the demonic Travis Scott kept singing (a weird hum) while they were dropping. Some comments on the vids I shared said it was the graphene oxide in the jabs activated by the sound frequency. Another shared a short vid on how graphene oxide reacts when your cellphone rings or when sound on your cellphone is turned on.

Mary Liberty
No more politics but full of cheats ,liars ,tyrants,thieves ,puppets and controlled opposition

Daina Webb
RN radio played an interview of an “eye witness” who saw someone rapidly inject fentanyl into the victims necks.
Interesting story.

Paul Vidler
So many people said there was no big surge of crowd pushing.
It was panic after seeing so many just drop dead. This is going to keep happening and they will blame the crowd pushing people which is so untrue. The world needs to wake the fk up!!!!

Myke Hunt
With so many apparently dying from the flu and the jab why am I not seeing any footage of endless funeral parades and busy cemeteries?
Just sayin.

John Harris
Imagine being that desperate to go to a concert that you are willing to take a injection which you have been putting off for the past several months because of concerns about it’s safety, this is where we are at.

EElena BBoulden
All 8 people died because the jab? Same day?

Maggie Mitchell
This is so sad if this is true which I do not doubt it is time for the scamdemic pushers to front a court.

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