Cov: The New World Order

Cov: The New World Order

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Alexandra Marshall The Spectator Australia 14 September 2021

Something dangerous has happened to Australia. We have allowed the interests of ‘collective health’ to erase individual human rights. It has become acceptable to imprison, hurt, fine, intimidate, arrest, segregate, discriminate, oppress, and financially ruin individuals – so long as it is done in the interest of public health. While the personal ethics of our politicians should have prevented a situation like this from arising, Australia has learned that there isn’t a scrap of morality within Parliament, the courts, or the legions of human rights lawyers who show more interest in the wellbeing of terrorists than citizens.

The founders of our political system were smarter than this. They built-in structural protections to ensure that every Australian would remain free from the tyrannous whims of deluded ideologues. Contained within our Constitution are assurances of unimpeded travel, the right to work, unrestricted access to public services and spaces, healthcare without prejudice – along with freedom of assembly, association and speech.

‘Emergency’ is a legal status created by politicians – not our founders – to negate these protections. It was designed to deal with rare occasions of chaos when cataclysmic events played out too fast for government to handle: think asteroids, earthquakes, an approaching fire-front, floods, plague of frogs etc.

Emergencies last for fourteen days because that was the estimated time it would take for normal parliamentary process to catch up. The ability to extend an emergency was not intended to create a permanent parallel legal system in Australia.

Why? Dictators hold permanent emergency powers. That is how Communist nations are able to chop-and-change policy without public consultation. Democracies must ask and debate. This makes them slower to adapt, but ultimately more stable over the centuries. In other words, Xi Jinping is in a Porsche taking The Amalfi Drive at 300km/h. Eventually, he’s going to meet a bus on one of those curves.

Nearly two years of Covid is in no way an emergency situation. Politicians have had long enough to calmly consider their position on Covid and return society to its legal norms, especially when we have a global example to work from. Extending emergency powers over the states indefinitely is nothing short of criminal behaviour by our premiers who know full well that if they were to lift restrictions, life would return to normal.

That’s the white elephant sitting between premiers and their chief health officers in every press conference.

If they returned freedom to the people of Australia, the fear-mongering and endless propaganda would be exposed as a lie. When that happens, the class action suits start and possibly criminal proceedings against those involved in violating the rights of citizens.

Premiers instructing businesses to commit international crimes by refusing service to the unvaccinated is only the beginning. Once you start down the path of scapegoating innocent citizens to cover up political errors, democracies crumble into anarchy.

What happened to inclusion and equality? Why does the government fund heroin injecting clinics next to pre-schools if their chief goal is public health? If the vaccines are so successful, why is Israel a mess while Sweden opens up?

There are a million questions that journalists could ask premiers if they weren’t so busy kneeling at their shrine, microphones lifted in a state of click-bait worship.

Which brings us to New South Wales Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant and her hilarious Freudian slip which is still trending on social media.

Leave someone in front of a press gallery for long enough and they’re bound to make a mistake. Chant did exactly that when she decided to mention the New World Order.

“We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order…” said Chant.

She’s not the first to say it. Brad Hazzard, the Minister for Health and Medical Research in New South Wales, had a similar calamitous conference. “There’s a world pandemic. It’s a one-in-one-hundred year event. So, you can expect that we will have transmission from time to time, and that’s just the way it is. We’ve got to accept that this is the New World Order.”

Claiming this was accidental word choice makes about as much sense as health officials accidentally referring to their mandates as ‘The Third Reich’.

In a speech on June 9 this year titled ‘A world order that favours freedom’, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “We are living in a time of great uncertainty, not seen – I believe – since the 1930s outside of wartime. Our challenge is nothing less than to re-enforce, renovate, and buttress a world order that favours freedom.”

Morrison said everything except ‘Build Back Better’ in his graphic verbal painting of a Net Zero economy controlled by a centralised unelected bureaucracy based in Brussels chaired by the world’s most dangerous geopolitical shark.

If your New World Order is wholly owned and controlled by an expansionist communist dictatorship, ‘freedom’ is not on the agenda except as bait for the dangerously naive.

New World Order sounds familiar for a reason – it is another pet slogan of the World Economic Forum. I understand it’s difficult to take a global bureaucracy seriously when it’s led by a man who dresses like a galactic dictator in a 1984 remake, but this is the architect of ‘Build Back Better’ adopted by our most powerful leaders. A quick glance at the World Economic Forum’s partner list should settle any questions you have about their influence.

The New World Order has two Wikipedia pages, one listed as ‘politics’ and the other as ‘conspiracy’ – both of these pages describe exactly the same thing; a centralised world government forming after a significant geopolitical power shift.

In the same way that Antifa claim they ‘can’t possibly be fascist because their name means anti-fascist’, organisations like the World Economic Forum title their policies in a way that leaves it difficult to attack or examine them.

Picking a phrase that has been in common usage for over a generation and applying it to a specific policy makes it easy for those not paying attention to dismiss slip-ups like Chant’s.

The question is, what does the New World Order mean now? In what context are Australian politicians and health officials hearing it enough to accidentally slip it into press conferences when talking about Covid?

Head of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab wrote a Harvard Business Review piece titled, ‘Power and Policy: The New Economic World Order’ where he detailed his belief that the industrialised world has been going through an economic revolution. Keep in mind, the article is written in 1994. He correctly lusts after points out the rise of Asia, commenting, “One consequence of the new parity is that the West can no longer hope to dictate the rules of the game.”

In this, he is only partially right. The circumstance he prophesied has only manifested because organisations like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations have trained Western leaders to be weak. It was not an inevitability of trade structures, but rather a matter of ideological infestation. The constant infiltration of socialist rhetoric into the once free world via endless champagne conferences has left it unable to work out what gender it is, let alone present a strong front against the rise of Asia.

By 2018, the World Economic Forum was publishing articles insisting that we must all work together to hasten the rise of Asia and teach ourselves to embrace the New World Order. The United Nations have a similar song sheet. Before Covid, they spoke of the New World Order in the context of a green revolution and the dismantling of old industrialised nations in favour of empowering the third world.

Most of the propaganda coming out of the United Nations these days talks about sustainability, mass-migration, climate goals, and Covid as a singular item – an omini-shambles apocalypse with only one solution: world socialism disguised as environmentalism.

Build Back Better, The Great Reset, The New Normal, The New World Order, Net Zero, the Fourth Industrial Revolution are all pieces of the same puzzle. On their own, they appear either innocuous or ridiculous, but when placed together in the context of trillion-dollar corporate interests these ideas spell disaster for Australia and her citizens.

We can lie to ourselves and pretend Australia would never become a vassal state to an unelected bureaucracy, when in reality it took less than two years to turn us into drug-addicted dependants of the World Health Organisation and its consortium of corporate partners. Our politicians take health orders from Tedros Adhanom, a man who stands accused of aiding genocide and the deliberate concealment of Cholera outbreaks to protect politicians.

What of Dr Kerry Chant and her New World Order?

Perhaps she read the white paper from FinTech ‘Covid and the New World Order – Actionable insights from global technology thought leaders’ detailing life in a new digitally intrusive, socially distanced, health-oriented, and frequently locked-down world. It is about using technology, surveillance, big data, and artificial intelligence to manage society in the pandemic – which could explain why she mentioned it in reply to questions regarding contact tracing.

“The pandemic has helped crystallise our collective realisation that the current global economic order, and our financial markets, are not equipped to address the wider environmental and social issues that face humanity,” said Lord Chris Holmes, speaking of the white paper.

More frequently, we hear all levels of our political system refer to ‘Covid Normal’ which is used interchangeably with ‘The New Normal’. It is the idea that we can never return to our free and innocent society. Politicians want us to accept, without question, a future of mass government stalking – a ‘paper’s please’ society that deliberately excludes those it deems unclean.

For our own safety, we are told that our lives belong in a network of cages with doors controlled by vaccine passports. Treats are dropped or withheld depending on our collective behaviour. We are presented with ‘free choices’ that have mandatory outcomes leading us down an ever-narrowing space that’s anything but ‘safe’.

Has the world forgotten that it has survived hundreds of pandemics over thousands of years and never once adopted a permanent state of tyranny? After all, communism gave us Covid – why would communism cure it?

What you stand for today, is what you’ll be remembered for tomorrow.

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at Ko-Fi.

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Here’s what others had to say:

Sandy Smith
It’s only a pandemic in the minds of the CMOs and Premiers, hoping everyone will do as they say,NOT AS THEY DO. This is a poison, nothing else.

Clare Jay
Brilliant article – I will need to read it again,- and share it. As for “accidental word choice” according to Kerry – what a line! Will that replace a “slip of the tongue” or “glitch” amongst our ‘Authorities’?

John Harris
Remember this woman is making headlines around the world with her, “If you go into Coles or Woolies and you see someone you know, don’t speak to them or people will die” and don’t get me started on that other idiot in Queensland. Now Boris Johnson is talking about a ‘winter outbreak and ‘steps needed to confront the problems it will cause.’ Um, hand on, don’t they have 80% fully vaccinated? 6 Month ago I was called a conspiracy theorist when I warned of this happening, now, I’m just called anti-science, Covid denier, Far right etc etc etc etc etc….

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