Conspiracy Theories are the Problem, Says UK MP


Conspiracy Theories are the Problem, Says UK MP

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

Conspiracy Theories are the problem, says UK MP.

Or is it that so many conspiracy theories come true is the problem?

Or maybe she means the Government and MSM media conspiracy theories, that the Globalist’s have their puppets push upon the dumbed-down herd, that ever so slowly is waking up is the real problem

Here is the dribble below for dumbed-down Westerners who can believe such nonsense –

British Guide Commissioned By Penny Mordaunt, Leader Of The House of Commons For MP’s To Combat Conspiracy Theory!

“Conspiracy theories can pose a danger to democracies, public health, social cohesion, public safety, and more; they reduce trust in democratic institutions, in governments, and mainstream, regulated media outlets. Conspiracy theories can also reduce political participation and conformity to the rule of law, as well as increase fear, prejudice, and hatred. They have resulted in violent hate crimes, terrorism, and abuse. Conspiracy theories can also contain, foster, or inspire hate speech, which discriminates and enhances prejudice against a person, or a group of people, based on what are in many cases protected characteristics. The harm caused by conspiracy theories is broad, and has, for example, led some to reject science-based medicine resulting in the return of once-cured diseases in some parts of the world….”

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