Belarus declares war against the Globalist sect of Satanists.

Dozens of Schools Close As Teachers Get Sick from the Vaccine

By Insider Amigo

In the spring of 2020, the World Elite demanded that the President of Belarus introduce quarantine in the country and force people to wear masks and gloves. According to our information from Interpol, at the end of April, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell offered Alexander Lukashenko 60 million euros for the introduction of quarantine in Belarus. The money was allegedly intended to support the country’s health care system in the fight against COVID-19. In particular, for the purchase of masks and other protective equipment. In exchange, Borrell asked Alexander Lukashenko to adhere to the WHO recommendations regarding the pandemic. Naturally, the lord was sent to hell with his money and recommendations. But the very attempt to draw Belarus into a general coron-psychosis looks very indicative, especially since the money was offered after a failed information attack on Belarus.

At first, the EU pushed Lukashenka to quarantine, provoking civil unrest by spreading rumors, direct incitement and lies. Here is an example of the vocabulary of the WHO representatives: “With such behavior of the Belarusian authorities, the absence of quarantine measures, residents are doomed.” When this did not work, bribery attempts were made. The European Union also gave a bribe to cancel the Victory Parade on May 9, 2020, as Satanists try to rewrite history and hide the fact that the Globalists and Bankers of the Khazar sect are behind Hitler and Fascism ( In June 2020, the International Monetary Fund offered Belarus “fast financing” for almost a billion dollars, namely $ 940 million, in exchange to do everything like in Italy. Belarus has refused bribes from the sect of global Satanists, the European Union, WHO and the World Bank. In fact, by declaring war on the Global Elite. And already in August 2020 will receive a retaliatory strike … We are spreading this information as much as possible, time is against us, the continuation will be very soon …

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