Are you sure you want to Bs 19 jab?

Are you sure you want to Bs 19 jab?

By Staff Reporter

They aren’t safe, nor effective, or necessary nor are reactions rare. 25 million estimated adverse reactions which within a year is likely to be 250 million possibly a billion. Over 30,000 recorded deaths which to be accurate is at least ten times in reality or 300,000 dead and growing by the day.



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This is just heartbreaking to watch! Forcing this jab is a crime against humanity.

The donuts are NOT worth it people!!!

when you don’t do your research….

We need to organise a MASSIVE MARCH like no one has ever seen before in Sydney & Melb like the ones in London atm, I saw the footage – over 1 million ppl marching peacefully for our Freedoms. It was so good to see. BBC reported it to be about 300 ppl 🤦🏼‍♀️ the streets were packed for kms.

And yet ppl think this is perfectly acceptable. Its horrific and killing and ruining peoples lives. And they want children to have it.

But I want to travel, I just want to travel, I want those free donuts, insanity.

This is heartbreaking to watch, and it makes me so angry. The propaganda and lies to convince millions of people world wide to think that Big Pharma are making these injections out of the goodness of their heart to “save” humanity… is it a save or a cull?

This is horrid to watch but do we know it’s from the jab?

Without your health you have NOTHING

Horrendous.. they won’t be coming anywhere near me with that poison but is there anyway to prove this was a post vax vid? I’m not doubting it is but for those that will doubt it wld be good to be able to prove… what planet are people on that they want to even take the risk!!!!

They need to understand that they are the testing for the vaccine.

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