Anyone Still Supporting or Promoting the Cov Fraud?

Anyone Still Supporting or Promoting the Cov Fraud?

By Australian National Review

Anyone still supporting or promoting the Covid fraud – let me warn you – each day that goes by, is one day closer to the day of your reckoning.

All the deaths and injuries you and your like have caused, from your dodgy,fraudulent, rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous, and deadly global medical experiments and poisons disguised as a Covid vaxx, you will be held to account for (and not 1 life has been saved or ever will be by the Covid vaxx poisons).
It’s called mass murder and what should the punishment be for mass murders.

Estimated at over 500,000 deaths from the Covid jab already (soon be 1 million then 10 million possibly 100 million) and already 50 billion injured – half seriously injured which won’t stop under half a billion due to these being only immediate adverse reactions and 43 million poor innocent vulnerable souls being jabbed daily (being effectively murdered as it’s designed for no other purpose then to injure and speed up death) – unless you listen to fake mainstream media that’s paid by the criminals to cover up the death tally and lie to you it’s safe, effective and necessary.

I think the grieving families of the victims should decide your punishment. for those that want the truth, and can handle the truth.

Those that want their life to continue to be nothing but a lie, built on the lies m, sold to you by your lying Government, and your dodgy Tv presenters, then continue to tune into your conspiracy theory tv channels like CNN, BBC, ABC, or channel 7,9,10 For your 6 pm dose of more complete and utter bullshit that Covid is a pandemic requiring a Global Medical experiment to save you.

Stop being a dumb human.

Awaken from your slumber or die or vaccine death and injury.

Here’s what others had to say:

Chad Foreman
Hey Jamie, I love your work mate. You might want to correct the above post though to say 50 million injuries instead of “50 billion”.

Caroline Sproule
Their plan is going to plan it seems!

Pearly Imbuido Gardiner
Mr McEntyre it can’t be 50 Billion we are only 7.6 billion worldwide population…thanks Kindly edit your caption please “and already 50 Billion injured”.

Kris Pickering
Meredith Potter

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