Alex Jones Show

By Jamie McIntyre

We used think Alex Jones was crazy

If we said the world would be how it is now, a year ago we would have thought it’s crazy, let alone a decade ago.
Their plans are a predictable playbook, we need to be smarter enough to ensure we even have a playbook.

Here’s what others had to say:


1. lizzymanak
Great clip love ❤️ this guy – he’s spot on.

2. kezza323
Great clip!! He was in to it!!

3. dominari (Benjamin Lawson)
I’ve been listening to Alex for about 20 years and David Icke, people used to laugh but whose laughing now.

4. davidnieuwenhoven (David Nieuwenhoven)
He knew all along.

5. seeker4430 (Seeker)
Part way through watching an interview on the livewire program , it’s featuring world renown vaccine developer and specialist Geert Vanden Boosche dropping huge truth
bombs on this current covid catastrophe , dated 12 / 3 / 21 … well worth watching.

6. prince_of_cats_555 (Tybalt)
Hes an illuminati puppet!!!!!

7. emma_mak1 (EMMA MAKILA)
David ICKE was crazy too until all of his conspiracy facts came true.

8. ex777samsara (Expedia)
He’s a gatekeeper imo.

9. jacquiarja (Yogarja)
Yes been listening to Alan and David for many years 😮 I have always been known as the crazy one …. and people still look at me that way 😂 but at least now with a little doubt

10. rusty_shackleford19 (Adam)
Love Alex he was right again.

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