Why Is President Trump Is Pushing the Vaxx?

Why Is President Trump Is Pushing the Vaxx?

By Trump News

If every single person took a dose of either Hydroxychloroquine/Azithromycin/Zinc or Ivermectin/Doxycycline/Zinc at the beginning of the pandemic, nobody would have died, and no lockdown would have been necessary.

Both virtually have a 100% success rate in treating the virus within 48 hours if administered correctly.

Fauci knew this. The MSM knew this. They ALL knew. But that would have ruined the plan to extend the lockdown for years, release new variants and have new annual vaccine patients that require a jab every 6 months.

Trump took Hydroxychloroquine PROACTIVELY and then claimed Regeneron was a “cure”. He made a big deal about both publicly.

“What if cures already exist?”

Trump gave them an option…brilliant as always.

Tell the truth, end the medical tyranny and release the cures OR I will force you to do so by setting another trap publicly making a statement about the safety and efficacy of these drugs, and you will walk into it, because you have no choice but to lie and force the lockdown in order to have a reason for your precious vaccines. You’re greedy, and I know you’ll choose option 2. So be it. Good luck to you and the MSM once the truth comes out.

Oh, by the way, ill be rushing those vaccines along with military oversight. Your plan for a perpetual lockdown and mandated jabs to function in society are about to be ripped to shreds.

Oh, you plan on releasing new variants? Good luck convincing the public to keep taking the new round of vaccinations after I pull the curtain back on Facui and show the world that “America’s doctor” is a psychopathic serial killer that had a hand in creating the virus, knew it was used as a bio-weapon and then lied about it non-stop for over a year, ruining millions of lives in the process.

– How many times did Trump say “the cure cannot be worse than the disease?”

Our President knew they had far more sinister plans for us in the near future. He beat them at their own game and heavily mitigated the massive amount of death, chaos and destruction that was supposed to bring this country to its knees over the following years.

Which do you think matters more to Trump?

Big Pharma, Fauci, Gates, etc. being exposed or his reputation taking YET ANOTHER hit in the short term?

“I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you.”

It’s easier playing the long game when you’re able to force your opponent into making the moves you want them to make at every turn.

It’s even easier when you “HAVE IT ALL”…

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