W.H.O. Concedes the Cov Virus Is Just Like the Common Flu – 500,000 Americans Dead From Vax

W.H.O. Concedes the Cov Virus Is Just Like the Common Flu – 500,000 Americans Dead From Vax

By USA Tomorrow

Over 500,000 Americans have so far been murdered by these so called vaccines
The PCR test is an outrageous Fraud that was never meant to detect a virus.
The main goal of this Pandemic Fraud was to Vaccinate the entire world and that seems to be working out quite well for these evil globalist criminals.

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Wish I could download this video! This is all a nightmare of evil people who feel they have the right to decide who should live/die, who should be able to reproduce/be infertile, and an overall power play for control of the world. SMH.
Apparently they don’t know that it’s not theirs to control. This world belongs to God, but they’ll learn that soon enough.

THE EVIL GATES/FUDGY WOKE POKE IS A CRIMINAL JOKE! DO to them what they’ve done to your Friends & Relatives!! These Maggots need to be Dealt what they DESERVE! FED TO STARVING HOGS TO NEVER AGAIN REOFFEND!!

My relative got 2 Pfizer jabs (who has a contract with the UK?) and 2 weeks later she ended up in a coma and with brain injury and will never be the same or go back home. The family is devastated. My friend’s dad, got 2 jabs and 3 weeks later coma and died. 4 friends were healthy and ended a few days really sick with covid. The NWO, China-Gates and George Soros and Dr. Fauci, and the WHO and CDC that Gates funds are committing a potential genocide – How many must die to be a genocide – How many must be seriously disabled for life to be Crimes Against Humanity? Gates wish is to reduce the population at 90% by 2050 and reduce carbon monoxide by 90% by 2050, which appears to be in violation of the Nuremberg Codes, U.S. Constitution that prohibits the government from using people as human lab rats, slavery, property or as chattel and threaten, coerce, punish or deny necessities of life such as work education, food, water and travel for refusing to be a human lab rat with unknown consequences such as a death sentence. It’s more criminal that the HHS Secretary granted everyone involved in these experiments 100% immunity from financial liability for deaths and injuries. There could be 50,000,000 by the end of 3 years. Tyranny. Communism. Marxism.

Pre-calibrated Covid-19 tests were made in 2015 and delivered worldwide in 2017. Proven documents show this.

Where do you get this number of 500,000 Americans killed after receiving the Vaccine? How can I share it without linking the sources?

Facts are Facts, no matter how you look at them or decipher them, its all facts in the end. Big Pharma is doing everything to keep people in FEAR as Sheep. This needs to POP open and the truth must be revealed once & for all.

When did this rally in the UK take place? Isn’t it from about a year ago?

Absolutely Brilliant…
Thankyou for sharing this amazing information…
It’s so sad that so many have suffered already …
And I’m more sad, especially for the loved ones who didn’t believe us or listen to those of us who tried & tried to tell them the truth..

Hi there where can I go to fund this out on WHO website please as I’ve just gone on there and there is nothing about this at all

I’m in Australia and the situation is getting worse by the hour , our state premiers have become obsessed with injecting this vile poison into the population and it seems like they are possessed themselves by some kind of fear of failure to inject us by a certain date and are terrorising the people it is intolerable

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