Vaccine Passports Now In Chicago!

Vaccine Passports Now In Chicago!

By Noah

Hey friends,
Noah here from WeLoveTrump.

To everyone who told me I was overreacting to Vaccine Passports or that they’d never catch on here or that they aren’t the precursor to the Mark of the Beast, well…..stay tuned!

More on that below.

But first, top breaking story today, it looks like the Biden Administration is systematically going after all Trump supporters:


On a lighter note, Mike Lindell heads into the Lion’s Den tonight and I think it’s actually going to be awesome:


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I am so glad I found this video again today.

Have you seen it?


I saved it to Rumble so you can actually watch it safely.

And awesome news to report next, MAGA Rallies are back baby!


You know what else that means….TRUMP is back!

Let’s do this!

A really disgusting story next:


How soon until the Left tries to ban police from grocery stores, restaurants and airlines?

It’s coming.

So sad.

You konw what else is coming?

A gas crisis:


Right on time for a Democrat administration!

And we end with our top story, I warned you about this, and it’s only getting worse:

Vaccine Passports Coming To Chicago This Summer!

Like it or not, this is the precursor to the Mark of the Beast, and it’s moving FAST.

We have to fight back and get this crap out of our society!

Our Founding Fathers must be absolutely rolling over in their graves.

Catch you next time.

Your friend,

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