Thousands Rally in Athens Against Mandatory BS-19 Vaxinations for Healthcare Workers

Thousands Rally in Athens Against Mandatory BS-19 Vaxinations for Healthcare Workers

By Global News

More than 5,000 protesters opposed to vaccinations gathered in Athens on Wednesday outside parliament after the government announced mandatory vaccinations for workers in certain sectors.

A similar protest was called in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

On Monday, the government ordered the mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers and nursing home staff following a steep rise in new COVID-19 infections in the middle of the vital tourism season.

Those in non-compliance face a leave of absence without pay. Public and private sector employers will also have the right to ask employees whether they have been vaccinated.

It was also announced that customers could now enter inside restaurants, theatres and bars – but only if they have been vaccinated.

About 41% of Greeks are fully vaccinated.

Greece has seen an abrupt spike in infections in the last week, with 3,109 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, a level not seen since early April.

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Feels like you should have included the part where the crowd starts calling “Resign”, thousands of voices at the same time.

C Teddie

Jonny C
“More then 5000 protestors…”? Looks like 10s of thousands at least, if not over 100,000

Ol P
I support vaccines but I don’t support the fact that people are forced to

Roman Empire Network
Wow, main stream media is actually showing the other side for once

Darren Wong
“The Media is the virus” So true. The people of Greece have balls and standing for their rights. Good on them!!

Greek people remember what their parents and grandparents suffered under the Nazi Regime.
Mandatory Injection of Drug material (untested) violates the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Protocols.


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