They are lining up for their jabs by the millions upon millions

They are lining up for their jabs by the millions upon millions.

By Dave Oneegs

Now here’s a thought…
Maybe we all got it wrong about BG…
Maybe he is actually an angel in disguise.

When I look at the hate, mindlessness, vitriol and stupidity that is on ubiquitous display from those who can’t wait for his jabs…
He just may be doing the world an incredible favour?

Countless have tried to warn the masses of the dangers of what’s coming,
Out of genuine concern for their safety, health and well-being….
But all the donut gobbling herd has been able to do, is spew venom and disgust at those who are actually trying as hard as they possibly can to help them.

No matter what comes,
The warriors will survive…
Not all of us… but enough will…
Because we always have.

We have dug in, gone underground, adapted, worked together and survived every single genocide, war, plague and cataclysm of all time.

But the stupefied, hate filled fools will not.
Nope, no way.
And maybe, maybe that’s what ole BG is trying to help with…
Perhaps he is trying to rid this planet of the types who will literally sell their soul for a fkn krispy kreme
Or bash the crap out of each other for an extra roll of toilet paper

I don’t hate anyone.
But moving forward with morons, imbeciles and the brain dead seems impossible.

And they have proven that absolutely nothing…
Nothing will wake them from their slumber,
No matter what you show them or tell them.

They are lining up for their jabs by the millions upon millions,
Despite the open declarations of the eugenicists of their intent to dramatically lower the population.

So maybe ole BG is going to do this world an incredible service…
Because after 14 months of seeing just how nasty the jabernaughts really are,
I don’t think they will be changing any time soon.
Do you?

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