MCJ Report – Separating Media and State

MCJ Report – Separating Media and State

By Trump News

MCJ Report #103
– NSW grants new ‘freedoms’ to vaccinated
– TGA safety report
– Israeli PM makes bizarre comment regarding double dose

– Another Liberal MP speaks up

Here’s what others had to say:

Emmy Lou
We need to get info on EVERY MP to see where they stand with these restrictions for next vote
QUESTION is this possible?????

Shad Cleopatra
You don’t need to be vaccinated to travel been to 12 countries,no quarantine just need a pcr test.

Johnny Stancic
We in western Sydney are officially ruined.
No jab no work as of Monday.

Bronwyn Dann
Finally, someone reading the ‘data’ correctly. Thank you. MCJ. Totally agree with your “opinions’ about the TGA safety report.

Naldzz Baxx
Shouldnt have to buy back our freedoms! Insanity in the Asylum.

Simone Louise
I just got told that authorities took a bunch of kids (17/18 yos) in NSW School, bused them to a facility and forced them to take the jab without parents’ consent. Does any one know of this?

Simone Louise
Encouraging 16+ year olds in Public Schools in Vic to get the jab now. HELLLLLL no!!! I am a teacher and a mum. It is wrong!

Lesley Heppinstall
The majority of hospitalised in the uk are also double jabbed!

Tracy Jagger
What about your thoughts on Craig Kelly now leader of United Australia Party?

Ching Kong Yip
Australia is no longer as Australia when people forced to live in their home and take a jab as livestock.

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