Here’s what’s not widely known on the new COVID vaccine (and is available from the drug manufacturers’ own clinical tests of the vaccines)

By Staff Reporter

First, these so-called “vaccines” are not really vaccines.

A traditional vaccine involves an injection either with a weakened form of the virus you are protecting against or a similar virus. Either one can produce antibodies that remain in the system and fight the actual disease if you get it.

These new vaccines are entirely different.

They use experimental genetic modification to inject you with mRNA, which is a partial strand of genetic code. That mRNA then enters your cells and orders the cells to construct a spike protein similar to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID). This spike protein then precipitates antibodies that can reduce your reaction to SARS-CoV-2 if you get it.

The ‘vaccine’ does NOT prevent you from getting COVID and it does NOT prevent you from spreading it to others. The spike protein remains with you indefinitely.

In effect, you have modified your own genetic make-up to fight COVID without actually gaining immunity and without reducing transmissibility.

Treatments of this type are entirely new in humans. Studies have not gone on long enough to evaluate long-term side effects. These drugs are not FDA approved; they are being distributed under an emergency waiver to the normal approval process.

It is likely that most people receiving the drugs are unaware of these important differences between the new drugs and traditional vaccines, which raises questions about whether their ‘consent’ is fully informed.

There could be very good reasons for vulnerable individuals to take these drugs. However they should not be mistaken for the kind of smallpox, polio, and flu vaccinations with which we are familiar.

As far as vaccines go, mRNA genetic therapy is a brave new world and not one that is well understood.

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Be part of the experiment at your own risk. Get adequate compensation.

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