Heart Inflammation Numbers Growing In the Military After COVID Vaxx

Heart Inflammation Numbers Growing In the Military After COVID Vaxx

By War Room With Owen Shroyer



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Just google long term effects of myocarditis: cardiomyopathy and heart failure.

how stupid do people have to be, to literally see people dropping like flies after receiving the Vax, and still not able to connect the damn dots. “I’m pro Science” well dumb asses observation and statistics are all apart of science…soooo clearly your not pro science, your just Pro-Propaganda

The majority of soldiers I know are refusing it. I don’t trust the CDC’s or the Pentagon’s numbers on this one.

No wonder they call you the “GOY”.., you stupid humans…….

Good the more dumb fuck sheep that get it and die the better

I cant watch children get this depopulation vaccine it boils my blood this has to stop !!!!

How much is enough ? The war for this countries soul starts this fall when they push for the final lock down guys.

Do the “” body blisters”” smell really bad? So can tell if its beast !arkm or only pre beast mark, many that’s why ones got oit

Here are the lemmings rushing to the cliff face.

This is how you get rid of your military so the enemy can just pour in and takeover. Add to that a sick and dying citizenry, we are screwed. Do you think the Chinese military are taking the jab???

Covid Vax will be the wake up call for a lot of people. I’m getting ready for medical segregation. I wanna be around non vaccinated people.

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