Bs-19 Shots, Cancer and HIV

Bs-19 Shots, Cancer and HIV

By Dr. Sam Bailey

What is the link between Covid-19 shots, Cancer and HIV? Watch the video to find out more…


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Clive Pinnock
Health Canada has already flagged this video. Therefore, what she’s saying must be true.

Dr Sam hits it out of the park yet again. If only SHE was one of NZ government’s “experts”. But something tells me that Dr Sam cannot be bought by unscrupulous politicians.

Gayle Arnold
The business of medicine is not about providing health care–it’s about running a profitable business. Why would they invest money and time in a process to PREVENT illness–when they could take steps to PROMOTE illness–and keep you in a their disease model–for your life time???

It’s, almost, like the entire medical profession is one giant, corrupt con…?

El Gato Felix
Dr. Sam Bailey is to debunking C0V1D “science” what Tony Heller is to debunking climate “science”

A Godsend!

Tato Verde
This is why “intelectual property” should not exist. Any advance in knowledge should be shared to humanity instead of serving the purpouse of few corrupted “scientists”.

If all doctors were like beautiful Dr. Sam Bailey, we would have a wonderful World of medical professionals we could trust and feel safe in the hands of. I can see now that we live in a World where many medical professionals do NOT have our best interests at heart, money instead being the main motivation for doing what they do.

David Edwards
At the end she says, “it could be one of the biggest a mistakes in the medical world”. Ahem, it is no mistake.

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