Attention all fact-checkers please explain???

Attention all fact-checkers please explain???

By Sean Allman

12 months ago, Qld Health posted on March the 8th 2020 & I quote- “Currently, there is no evidence that wearing a face mask will stop you from catching a virus like novel coronavirus (covid-19)”.

Now this is actually a fact, if you researched the effects of masks, (medically approved masks I might add) on a airborn virus, you would agree too. (All your fashion masks, home made masks prevent nothing & are just a form of manipulation, just like their mind & control measures).

Yet currently, masks (any form of mask I might add) are mandatory for a 2 week period, when in Qld we have less cases now then during our initial lockdown period of March 🤔 (remember when 15 days would prevent the spread, or flatten the curve.)

Now…. wait for it…2 days ago, our same Qld Health, “experts” posted a fact checking article, stating that the AstraZeneca vaccine was fact checked, & NOT RUSHED through trials & is SAFE & approved to be run out from TGA.

Now here’s the part I need fact checked please.

Our own leader Mr SCOMO announced yesterday, that they do not suggest anyone under 50 is to take this exact same vaccine!!! Wait what wasn’t the whole idea to protect the elderly, those in fact, that are most at risk.

But it’s safe…right Qld Health… but masks don’t work… right Qld Health… but now they do work…right Qld Health… ok so I’m lost, please explain???

Clearly I’m taking the piss, Qld Health & many of our experts are amazing, I’m not having a go at them, many, medical experts all agree with my views & are where I source my opinion from.

It’s the people in power, the politically appointed puppets, Health officers & so forth that lie, tell us a scripted sales pitch & mislead you like good little puppets. If they don’t, big corporations who fund our politicians just replace them with someone who will.

To all my pro vax, pro masks, pro pandemic, who each day, don’t mind obeying the restrictions & complying as directed still 12 months later. To everyone that has deleted me, hates me, questions me, or just disagrees with my views. EAD

I’m ready to learn & hear your view please explain…

Educate me, fact check me, please, let’s hear your justification now?

Remind me why we should not question every statement, lie, headline, misleading & bullshit sales pitch they sell us, after reading this!

If you choose to vaccinate, so be it, just don’t try enforce your choices on us.

Stop trying to act like you know wtf your taking about, telling anyone who disagrees with you, labeling them anti vax, or apart of the problem, attempting to blame us that we are spreading misinformation or even worse the virus.

It’s your experts you follow, comply & listen too who keep lying, misleading us all. Who continue to love the goal posts, week after week, month after month & expect us to remain silent.

Enough is enough.

Stop listening to their lies Educate yourselves!!!

Freedom of choice, liberties, & our ability to learn, question or understand is what makes this country & many like it so amazing. If you don’t wake up real quick, we will end up like the country you all fear & hate the most.

After all knowledge is power.

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