Will Your Bank Pay You 10% Per Annum, and 100% Asset Back Your Money?

Will Your Bank Pay You 10% Per Annum, and 100% Asset Back Your Money?

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Will your bank pay you 10% per annum, and 100% asset back your money?
Of course, the answer is a big fat no.
Not only will they pay you almost zero interest, few know that your money isn’t as safe as being in a bank.
Any deposit you make into almost all Western banks, including the US and Australia, is lucky to be even 6% asset-backed. IE due to the fraudulent Central Banking Fractional Reserve Banking system, run by the Fed Reserve, a group of elite banking elite( it’s not Federal the Fed, but privately owned).
They make it look like it’s Government owned, but who sets interest rates?
Your Government or a Fed Reserve Chairman and Board? Or in Australia, the Reserve Bank Board, which is independent of the Government.
Banks can lend out, most of the money you deposit, often up to 18 times. Money made out of thin air, that if you and other depositors went right now, to get all your money back, the banks would collapse after paying out as little as 6% of your money.
Sure, some will argue, but the Government will cover depositors up to $250,000.

Mmm. So a group of elite bankers are running a banking scam, and to keep faith it, it has the Government has to bail out your money because it’s not really there.
The banks take huge risks on your money and make billions annually. And you get what?
The right to beg for a loan, they create out of thin air, using your money to do so, which are you successfully beg, they’ll lend you fake money, and you then have to pay back with real money, after tax. And many taxes were created by these elite banking families, as they loan their fake money to your Government? And charge them (you as the taxpayer) real money, to pay back.

And if everyone wanted their money back from banks right now, how long before the Governments could no longer cover up to $250,000 per account?

A fake guarantee, backed up by more fake money, the Central Bankers would create out of thin air, and land once again to your Government, despite the government being able to print money itself, it gives a sole monopoly to one very rich family that starts with an R.

Who owns your Government and has been responsible for almost every war, recession, or depression for hundreds of years?

They didn’t teach you that in Economics 101, I bet.

That’s why I supported the rise of Bitcoin from the early days, telling my http://21stCenturyu.com clients to buy it once it hit $100.

Many clients made millions and tens of millions. The Australian Government then banned me from sharing such financial insights publicly.
Can’t have competition now to the dodgy corrupted Central Bankers’ money laundering and printing scheme they created Government Regulators to protect.
Nor can they allow you to become independently wealthy, as if as many of us did that, we might rebel, and bring down the rigged fraudulent system, (which thanks to crypto and fintech we are going to do anyhow)
The outdated US banking system is toast. Unable to print any more fake money, this is their desperate attempt to now release their own dodgy, useless, and worthless CBDC’s. (Central Bank Digital Currency) Slow at innovation and scared of being superseded.

Apart from continuing to buy Bitcoin, I buy stable coins that are asset-backed such as USDT and now a new one in http://BRICSTether.com as it’s 100% asset-backed, pays 10% per annum (if you hold your funds for 12 months or longer) and is independent of the dodgy US Central Bankers

We no longer need banks or greedy bankers, thanks to crypto and fintech technology.

Crypto can now be safer than money in banks. Yes there is always risk, but we should all be comfortable with risk, considering the massive risks we all take now with our money in the bank, earning peanuts, while they earn billions
A new decentralised world. http://BRICSTether.com

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