The History of Money & the Potential of Crypto – Raoul Pal

The History of Money & the Potential of Crypto – Raoul Pal

By After Skool

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Ryan Fischbach
I believe the most important investment is food, water and health. These 3 will always be the most valuable things on the planet.
Much love family…

Timothee 123
Storytelling at its finest, thanks!
Just one question; why would the global elite willingly cede control over monetary policy? Or what stops central banks regulating decentralised crypto to perpetuate fiat, or railroading it with their own centralised version?
That’s the bet. I can’t figure out the odds. And I dont like going all-in blind with my savings!

Jose Aspez
I love these videos so much.
Thank you so much for the service.
They have been a life changer for me.

Thomas Norris
I see more to this, than just buying crypto, my mentor also made mention that to me. More jobs are required is required.

Strange ADV
All I can say at this point is thank you, I appreciate you, and I hope that 2022 brings you all the inspiration to achieve what you want….Much love from Northern California.

My concerns are: 1) volatility of bitcoin…. its all over the map, 2) it has been outlawed in China and can be banned in the US if it bypasses the central banks if it becomes too large… ie worth 10s of trillions, 3) needs the internet which could be disrupted if/when there is a war…4) needs to be stored and if you loose your computer you may have lost your fortune…. or if stored elsewhere, your stash could be stolen. 5) it has no commercial value as does silver or gold.

james staggs
Gold is just as arbitrary as a currency as anything else. While I do think it was a bad idea to go off the gold standard simply because it would have kept money printing in check, I realize that no matter how you present it, money is just something humans made up. It’s supposed to be a way to represent value which in turn represents work, so the closer we can get to that I think the better off we’ll all be. There’s a reason why people sort of dismiss those who make boatloads of money just manipulating stocks, bonds or any other asset that’s traded, and it’s because they don’t add any value. Quite the opposite actually, their actions tend to destroy value or artificially inflate value, which inevitably leads to a bubble popping, and we all know how that goes.

Victoria Salvia
The best explanation I’ve seen and heard of money, bitcoin and crypto in under 11 minutes!!!

Natasha van Zyl
Personally, i would like to remind people of barter trade, where two people decide what they want to exchange, how they want to exchange and take this control back from systems build on greed and sacrifice. I think the economy is the result if corruption and greed, anything build to further a system like that will always have build in sacrifice.

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