Is a Crypto Reset Imminent? Digital Fiat Currency No More Honest Than a Central Bank

Is a Crypto Reset Imminent? Digital Fiat Currency No More Honest Than a Central Bank

By Health Ranger Report

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Here’s what others had to say:

Mike, please stop telling people that they earn or not earn salvation and merit with God. That is incorrect. Since the death of Christ, God gives us grace that is undeserved. We must simply believe in the death and resurrection of God’s Son. There is not a chance I could ever earn what Christ did for me and salvation is a free gift. With that being said; because I know I’m not good and Christ paid my debt, I want to serve Him and treat others accordingly. But it’s never in my own power.
I think it’s wonderful that you are reading the Bible and seeking Him. Keep reading God’s word and he will reveal these things to you.

Hunting keeps wildlife populations in check from becoming overpopulated and diseased. It’s also way more honest than buying your meat from the store. So yeah, Mike. You’re off on your position. But you have the right to be. And I’ve been a vegetarian because the industrial meat chains are so despicable. We raise and harvest almost all of our meat. They’re all loved and prayed over. And it’s not easy or done without respect.

Save the planet, raise cattle, cook brisket!

Kathleen Iselin
What I should add to my first comment, on what we must do to be saved….is that it is essential, that we REPENT…. turn from our sin, turn from our wicked ways….for all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God (even if you believe you are a “good” person, we were all born with a sin nature, with original sin, because of what happened in the garden of Eden, there’s just no way around this.)….so we must repent of our sin, our sinful ways, turn from those ways, and turn TOWARD God! There is a great deal about repenting in scripture, and it’s a good thing to learn about!

Jim Grove
Mike, You can not earn God’s grace. God’s grace is free and only belief in Jesus will get you to heaven. Your heavenly riches will be based on how you love and treat others while you are on this earth. Not something you earn, but the gifts you receive based on your life.

Dawnie Rotten
I consider myself highly intelligent/very smart. I’ve TRIED to understand ‘crypto’ and it made NO SANE SENSE to me. Therefore, I could only conclude that ‘crypto’ is nothing more than A PONZI SCHEME!!!! It’s an even worse Ponzi Scheme than our Fake Fed Reserve $$!!

Paula Tuttle
Dollar values are inflated by money printing & derivatives. Cryptos are inflated by Tether derivatives. There are REAL stable coins that ARE backed by dollars too Mike. Everything’s fake Mike! We’re in cryptos because you CAN’T use derivatives on blockchain! Exchanges don’t usea blockchain! Block chain is what makes cryptos REAL!! It was hijacked by Exchanges that deal in derivatives from which they derive prices! My point is, cryptos aren’t the scam…derivatives are! Same with the dollar! Gold & Silver are rigged/hammered DOWN with derivates (ETF’s). Put ALL the dots together, not just pieces.

Hi Mike! We can’t earn our way to Heaven. Salvation is by grace through faith, alone ….lest no man should boast. We are however, saved for good works…In other words, we love the LORD, want to be pleasing in his sight and long to hear those treasured words from our precious Savior…. Well Done Good And Faithful Servant….God Bless Mike! All Glory and Honor to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!!

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