How To Best Sell Small Cap Cryptos, and Why You Must Have Realistic Expectations?

How To Best Sell Small Cap Cryptos, and Why You Must Have Realistic Expectations?

By Staff Reporter

How to best sell small-cap Cryptos, and why you must have realistic expectations?

I often think it’s interesting how so many believe in Fiat Currency so much, that’s the Rothschild’s Greedy Central Bankers created “fake money” with no reserves.

Yet if they wanted to cash out even $5000 of it and rocked up at a bank asking for $5000 cash, most Australian banks would say –

Sorry but for that amount or greater you’d need to make an appointment to arrange.

Yet the same person buys into some smaller speculative Cryptos and then wants to “dump“ or cash in and will place $5000 or $10,000 instant sell orders and thinking magically they’ll get instant cash.

Instant cash from small crypto on mid-tier or worse tier 3 exchanges.

When with the Fiat Currency they can’t even cash out $5000 instantly.

So how do you sell out of smaller cryptos that are growing their liquidity and dealing with impatient “dumpers” wanting cash out of the future, to go and get some “fiat currency”?

The simple way is selling down in lots of $250 or $500

Just like “fiat currency”

You go to an ATM

Not demanding it gives you $5000 cash now

And keep entering in $5000

How about trying $50

$500 even

Make sense

Be patient with smaller to mid-size cryptos if you bought in for the future.

Your money in the bank doesn’t exist apart from about 6% and in a coming crash, you won’t even get that.

How much will often hard to “dump $5000 at a time crypto be worth”

Everything if it has a decent community and support

Why do you want cash is another question?

Why are you selling crypto?

Your best-selling just a small amount of you need cash out and keep the rest

Some even offer minimum cash buybacks at low rates if users need cash and to help stop dumpers who cause mini flash drops in smaller cryptos that freak the holders out

Just don’t be a dumper.

The banks don’t allow them.

Just like ATMs often are limited to $200. $400 or $1000 max at a time for a reason. And that’s the world’s most liquid commodity, not a small-cap crypto.

Why should small exchanges or small to mid-tier cryptos?

Why should small or mid-tier exchanges be any different to “fiat currency” atms and limit trade amounts to prevent “dumping” of small-cap cryptos by the uneducated who simply crash prices causing many to not be able to sell for a market price but suffer “ flash crash prices “ caused by inexperienced “dumpers” not setting minimum price sell limits or trying to sell in one large parcel instead of drip-feeding $250 or $500 type trades?

For clarification

Pre Sale Buyers in Bitcoin 2.0

If you wish to sell, you must request the release of your 8.33% pa of coin to sell.

That’s the maximum you can sell down each month for a year after the June 2021 listing

Once you request, you forfeit the 15% pa default all those are earning by keeping your coins locked up for 12 months like most are.

Please see article above and below, reselling verse dumping

Dumpers cause erratics price swings and ensure they get taken out by speculators at very low prices

If you are desperate for cash, Bitcoin 2.0 Foundation is launching a buyback at 10% of the first price coins were sold at ie .02 cents to ensure at all times any one can sell for cash and to avoid cheap coins being scooped up by any bargain hunters, simply taking advantage of inexperienced sellers, that  are thinking they can dump coins and get a good price,  and tend to lose every time, as speculators have low price orders set to get their coins cheaply from a “ flash crash “ caused by dumpers.

A simple rule when selling we suggest

Is treat it like an ATM

Many will only let you get $200 to $400 USD out at once.

Limit your sell orders to $250 or $500 max and you’ll find willing buyers at a reasonable price and stagger your sales over time.

Most buyers are buying $250, $500 or $1000 lots.

Fiat currency the most liquid in the world, limits you on cash withdrawals, so why think small cryptos can offer liquidity greater then fiat currency.

It’s simple unrealistic, other than for the top 10-20 cryptos.


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