Bitcoin 2.0 Timing to Sell to Truthcoin Earlier This Year, Now Seems Like Impeccable Timing

Bitcoin 2.0 Timing to Sell to Truthcoin Earlier This Year, Now Seems Like Impeccable Timing

By Staff Reporter

Bitcoin 2.0’s timing to sell to Truthcoin earlier this year, now seems like impeccable timing. Bitcoin 2.0, a small-cap cryptocurrency, that was listed last year on numerous Crypto exchanges, entered into an agreement to sell into Truthcoin’s fast-growing crypto, that’s partnered with the TruthGroup and its censor-free social media platforms.

Bitcoin 2.0 had reached a peak of $0.89 cents at the height of the crypto boom last year, and many early users were able to cash out for considerable profits. But it was trading around only $0.05 cents earlier this year after heavy selling pressure hit the crypto market, and some “dumpers“ tried offloading large volumes, which for small cap cryptos, large volumes can cause liquidity issues that are too big to handle, a common issue for smaller, less liquid cryptos, but in a downturn market, such a problem can affect the entire crypto market.

Luckily though had already locked a price in of $0.10 cents, to sell to Truthcoin in an all-crypto deal back in approximately May 2022.

That was at least double what it was trading at, and now Bitcoin 2.0 holders, are sitting on Truthcoin holdings, which are trading between $0.18-$0.20 cents USD, on the mid-tier Crypto Exchange, Azbits.

Truthcoin is offered to every new user that joins Truthbook.Social and can be used to purchase subscriptions, advertising credits, and soon its marketplace. It plans to achieve on a smaller scale what Facebook failed with its “Libra“ cryptocurrency plans after the trust levels in Facebook plummeted for their continued censorship of the truth, and selling of users’ private data for large profits.

Users are able to also swap their coins for Qoin via, and use it at up to 38,000 of their merchants to spend.

Facebook and other social media giants’ censorship and abuse of users’ private data and connections to the deep state including the FBI have caused users to lose trust in social media giants.

This has led to an exodus of social media users to platforms like Rumble( worth $4 billion ) which just hit the top of the app charts after Facebook’s admission it censored the Hunter Biden laptop story because the FBI asked them, and Telegram and others. is growing as a result of this same exodus.
It’s soon launching TruthTalks, TruthMed, and TruthEd and expects millions of Truthcoin to be spent on their subscription and event purchases.

Truthcoin can be purchased via Azbits or to follow its trading price visit:
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