NOBODY can Explain What Happened at Apple Valley Village


NOBODY can Explain What Happened at Apple Valley Village


Apple Valley Village Health Care center had 0% COVID death rate before the shots rolled out, but a 30% death rate from COVID **AFTER** the “lifesaving” vaccines rolled out. Nobody can explain it.

Executive summary

I’ve written about Apple Valley Village many times in the past such as this article I wrote nearly 1 year ago.

Before the shots: 0 COVID deaths in 27 COVID cases. 0% death rate from COVID.
After the shots: 28 COVID deaths in 90 COVID cases. 30% death rate from COVID.

Nobody can “explain” why the case fatality rate jumped from 0% to 30% if the shots are saving people from dying from COVID. It’s the opposite of what the health authorities are claiming and it is impossible that this was a statistical fluke (chances of a fluke like this are on the order of 1e-20 so nobody claims that this is the more likely explanation).

Nobody from Apple Valley Village wanted to talk to me to explain the data.

I pointed this out just recently that nobody has been able to explain it.

The Real Truther avoided answering entirely.

Jeffrey Morris saw my challenge and also avoided explaining the data.

So this is what happens. When you ask these people to explain the official US government data in plain sight they REFUSE. Always. You only hear the “Sounds of Silence.”

Not only do they avoid explaining the data, they come back and attack you saying that they don’t have to explain any data unless it is data on millions of people in a large published study where none of the data is available for public inspection and where you can’t verify any of it.

In the Apple Valley case, I was able to verify the numbers because I was tipped off by an insider at the company and then I validated that the data my insider reported agreed with what the facility reported to Medicare.


So I’ll be writing it up and submitting it for publication in a medical journal.

My challenge and Professor Morris’ response

Morris claims this: “3. The excess deaths in 2021 would have been MUCH WORSE had there not been covid vaccines.”

Oh really? That does NOT explain the Apple Valley data. At all.

They just hate this. This is one of the key reasons nobody wants to debate me because they can’t come up with any plausible argument that I got it wrong.

Apple Valley Village is not an outlier

Apple Valley Village is simply one of the most stunning examples and it’s easy for everyone to understand.

But it’s hardly the only one. It’s happening elsewhere but people just don’t want to talk about it.

And there are plenty more examples that can’t be explained if the vaccines are safe. Nobody can explain any of those points either.

Attack from Dr. Laxton who wants to avoid explaining the data

Laxton cannot explain the Apple Valley data either so he basically deflects claiming the numbers are small.

Sure, the numbers are small, but they are large enough to be statistically impossible if the vaccines saved lives. And the numbers are verifiable which we never get in these large studies where they always hide the data from public view.

Science doesn’t give you the option to ignore data you don’t like.


The Apple Valley Village Health Care Center data is impossible to have happened if the COVID vaccines are safe.

It is simple, 100% verifiable, and impossible to explain. It’s official US government data available for public download.

That’s why everyone avoids talking about it.

And it’s why you should share this article with your friends and ask them to please explain to you how that shows that the vaccines worked.

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